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Many of you are probably curious as to how this website came into being.  It is along the lines of many of life’s  lessons;  necessity. 

Jake at Rugby World Cup on England. He has travelled to 22 countries, most of them in his chair.

Jacob Robinson

On September 23, 2008 my 17 year old son Jacob was involved in an auto accident while on his way home from football practice .  He hit a power pole and became a paraplegic.  Life at that moment was changed for our family, our finances, and our friends. 

Jake speaking at a Swim with Mike event. He received a full scholarship thanks to this organization.
Jake has so inspired many, many people in the manner he has chosen to handle this situation.  I on the other hand sat with him during his hospital stay, rehab sessions, and doctors’ appointments wondering why everything on his wheelchair had to be black and boring.  I also wondered why the hospital websites you had to purchase these items from had to charge so much.  We were finding paraplegia in itself is very expensive;  so why take advantage of that group of people? 


Jake has gone on to get his Masters Degree at UCSD In this photo he is presenting his Thesos on stem cell regeneration in spinal cord injury sites.

Thus the birth of PimpMyChair.  I want the items on the website to be reasonably priced, durable, and appeal to those who have always had a sense of fun before their injury and continue to do so.  If confined to a wheelchair, it should speak about you and your personality.  I soon found how much time someone spends in their wheelchair.  Jake is also very hard on his wheelchair and certainly does not want the Grandma’s  variety of walker accessories that are so readily available.  Injured or not he is still a young dude.  60% of all spinal cord injuries are “young dudes.”  PimpMyChair is in honor of you dudes and any females that want to join in.   I am open to your suggestions and forever in awe of a group of people who choose to not give up. 

Laurie Robinson


“Strength does not come from physical capacity.  It comes from an indomitable will”.  Ghandi